Fear the Walking Dead Episode Six – Season Finale

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Finally Delivers!!

I sat in front of the TV last night, afraid that I would have to write off what could have been an incredible new series about the Zombie Apocalypse. The last five episodes were very slow and dull. Most of the first five episodes had no action at all and a couple episodes didn’t even have a single zombie in them. How do you create an entire series of the Zombie Apocalypse and in five episodes only show maybe four zombies and two of them are far away camera shots? Were they short on cash or something? Zombie makeup is expensive I hear.

But for episode six, the producers of Fear the Walking Dead pulled it out and finally gave us the crazy zombie action that we have all been craving.

Warning – Spoilers Below

When I saw the scene of what must have been hundreds of Zombies shuffling and stumbling into the military base, I knew the shit was finally hitting the fan in Los Angeles. We finally had the Zombie Apocalypse that everybody knows Los Angeles deserves.  It was amazing seeing all those zombies shambling into the checkpoint.

Even better was the scene when the soldier got bit in the neck/shoulder and walked into the helicopter propeller. Splat!!

Great job and long overdue with the action, producers of Fear the Walking Dead. I am looking forward to a great season two opener.

I also watched the Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 webisode which is on YouTube. Way too short, Producers. Seeing a guy board an airplane is NOT interesting. Also, 1m30s is not enough. The original Walking Dead webisodes were three – five minutes in length and were always interesting. Let’s not do that whole boring thing again, Producers. We had enough of that with the main Fear the Walking Dead series.

In summary, I am looking forward to how season two turns out. Hopefully we don’t have to wait sixteen episodes to see some blood, guts and zombie action.


Book Review – Sarah Tries to Save the World

I wrote a review of this story on Amazon.Com. Thankfully, I didn’t spend any actual money on it. I used my Kindle Unlimited membership. The story was horrible. Stay away, I couldn’t even finish this story, it was so bad. I seriously feel like a small piece of my life was wasted and I may have lost a few brain cells.

Here is what the Book Cover looks like.

Horrible Zombie Apocalypse Story - Do Not Read

Horrible Zombie Apocalypse Story – Do Not Read.


Here is the review I left on Amazon.Com.

There is so much wrong with this story.


1) Do not mix present tense with past tense. You will drive your readers crazy doing this. You drove me crazy with the constant tense switching. Present tense doesn’t work with 99% of fiction stories. Also 1st person isn’t that good. Some people like it, but I don’t.


2) The dialogue is drab and robotic. Also word choice is very poor.


3) The characters must be from the planet Krypton, because Sarah is getting bashed in the head by twenty, yes I said twenty, zombies all at the same time and they all have crude weapons and oddly she is not only still alive, but she is still conscious enough to be choked out by one of them. Also, to continue with the extremely super-heroic characters, they are digging… yes digging from one city to another city. Tunnels.. they are digging tunnels. There are only four people digging in shifts and they are going from one city to the next, underground, with shovels in… take a seat and brace yourself… they go from one city to another in a day or less. Yes digging… with shovels in one day or less. Are they extremely small cities? Is the world so compact that four people can dig through hard clay and rock between two cities in hours or a day? Or maybe like I said earlier? The main characters are all from the planet Krypton. In that case, why don’t the characters just fly from one city to the next.


4) More problems with realism. They are scavenging for food, cans of food from one city to the next. They find an old man who, for no reason, just gives them 100 cans of food. Where did they carry all these cans of food? As they are digging a super long tunnel very quickly from one city to the next, how do they move all these supplies down the tunnel as they dig?


5) The biggest problem of them all. The writer skips through all the fight scenes, all the opportunities to be gory and action-packed and simply says “They fought the zombies.” Oh yes and Aria has her “incredibly accurate” marksmanship and is equally incredible with a knife as she takes down literally hundreds of zombies in a single paragraph. But, this writer spends pages and pages describing a water fight with exquisite detail. Writer, why can we not have this much detail when you describe the fight? What if you told us how Aria’s knife sliced into the zombie’s cheek, severing its black goo covered tongue. This is a zombie apocalypse story, not a damn pillow fight.


Writer, I recommend you unpublish this “story” and change your name and try again by writing a real story. I am certain that the other review here (the five star review) was either paid for or given by your dearest friend in the world who cheated me into wasting an hour of my life reading this drivel.

That’s the whole review. Yes I know it is harsh, but seriously, You do NOT want to read this story. It will make your head hurt.

That’s my public service for today.


Fear the Walking Dead – Episode Five

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Episode Five – My Thoughts

So, episode five of only six episodes in the first season and Fear the Walking Dead has still failed to deliver.

About halfway through the first episode of season one of the original Walking Dead, I already felt bad for Rick and all the crap he had to go through. And here it is, episode five of Fear the Walking Dead, and I still don’t even know the names of the characters. Character development in this new series is so poorly done that I am actually hoping that all the characters die horrible deaths at the hands of bloodthirsty drooling zombies.

Speaking of zombies, this series is supposed to be about the Zombie Apocalypse but yet I don’t think I have even seen ten zombies in the entire series. And there has certainly been zero zombie action so far. In the Pilot episode of Walking Dead, Rick narrowly escaped getting torn to shreds by literally hundreds of zombies in Atlanta, Georgia. Episode Five of Fear the Walking Dead takes place in Los Angeles and I believe one person has been attacked by a zombie, maybe two, and it was a far away camera shot, we saw almost nothing. Los Angeles has a population about four to five times larger than Atlanta. There should be zillions of zombies running around eating guts in Los Angeles.

In this latest episode, Fear the Walking Dead had me excited, but then let me down with a very soft and disappointing thud.

Spoiler Alert here, but you really didn’t miss much if I ruin it for you.

There was a scene where the main father guy (due to bad character development, I can’t remember his name) got into the HumVee to go see his son and the doctor woman in the hospital (can’t remember her name either). There was a real opportunity for Fear the Walking Dead to shine here, but they dropped the ball and failed to deliver in true wimpy wussy liberal fashion. The father guy is told to stay in the truck while the four or five military dudes run inside a building with guns ablazing. The camera never followed them in. All we got to see was Mr. Father Dude sitting in the HumVee looking all worried. Only two of the Army guys return, letting us know that the rest didn’t make it and they are taking Father Guy back towards home.

Really that’s it? Why are the producers of Fear the Walking Dead so afraid to show us any of the Zombie gore and action that we have grown to love from Walking Dead?

Producers of Fear the Walking Dead, do you see that your ratings are taking a dump more and more with every passing episode? You better learn fast that zombie fans love action, gore and personal tragedy. So, get your asses in gear and don’t go down in history as the people who made the worst ever zombie apocalypse show. Let iZombie have that honor, please. Do better.

I am still going to keep watching Fear the Walking Dead just because I have a Zombie Apocalypse website and it’s a great place for me to bitch about how disappointed I am with this show, so expect more of my drivel in future posts.