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131 Zombie Apocalypse Short Stories!!
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  1. After the Zombies Invaded Rosanky High School Part 2 – Rosanky, Texas
  2. The Zombie Chronicles Part 10 – Tampa, Florida
  3. I Used my Sister as Zombie Bait – Los Angeles, California
  4. We Didn’t Realize We Rescued a Zombie – Off the Coast of Maine
  5. Doctors Are Very Useful in the Zombie Apocalypse – Fort Henderson, New York
  6. Zombies Invaded Rosanky High School – Rosanky, Texas
  7. A Group of Hell’s Angels in the Zombie Apocalypse – New Jersey
  8. Suicide is Better than Zombies for This Man – Internment Camp 21-B, Aspen, Colorado
  9. Escaping the Zombies Part 2 – Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Too Late to Save the Children from Zombies: Part 5 – Bastrop, Texas
  11. Escaping the Zombies Part 1 – Atlanta, Georgia
  12. Too Late To Save The Children from Zombies: Part 4 – Bastrop, Texas
  13. Are Zombies Real? – A Detailed Analysis of Zombies
  14. U.S. Army Assault – Trying to Retake Los Angeles from the Zombies
  15. Zombies Invade a Kansas Farm – Somewhere in Kansas
  16. Bar Room Brawl with Zombies??? – Woodstock, Illinois
  17. Too Late To Save The Children from Zombies: Part 3 – Bastrop, Texas
  18. The Breakfast Zombies – Tallahassee, Florida
  19. How To Tell A Father That A Zombie Ate His Son Part 9 – Tampa, Florida
  20. My Zombie Gladiator Arena (Part 2) – near Dallas, Texas
  21. Too Late to Save the Children from Zombies – Bastrop, Texas – *Shocking Story* Part 2
  22. To My Unborn Daughter, In Case the Zombies Get Me – Jamestown, New York
  23. Zombie Attack at Costco – Miami, Florida
  24. Zombies Tore My Wife to Shreds – Arlington, Texas
  25. Zombie Attack During Our Supply Run – Des Arc, Arkansas
  26. Zombie Mutation Reported at the Zoo Part 8 – Tampa, Florida
  27. Too Late to Save the Children from Zombies – Bastrop, Texas – *Shocking Story*
  28. The Zombies Took My Husband and Now I’m Alone – Ammon, Idaho
  29. Zombies Killing Off Amanda’s Friends – Katy, Texas
  30. Jason Squashes His First Zombie – Houston, Texas
  31. Zombies, Another Close Call – Houston, Texas
  32. Enslaved and Forced to Fight Zombies – Dallas, Texas
  33. Zombies at Walgreen’s and a Terrible Accident – Rockford, Illinois
  34. Zombies and the Clark County Detention Center, part 2 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  35. The Zombies Took Phillip’s Left Hand – Hartford, Connecticut
  36. Secret Zombie Research on Board a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier – Atlantic Ocean 
  37. The Zombie Spear is my Favorite Weapon – Ghent, New York
  38. Don’t Fall Asleep on Watch, Zombies Have Great Timing – Hartford, Connecticut
  39. Choosing my Zombie Battles – Las Vegas, Nevada
  40. Renee’s First Zombie Kill – Indianapolis, Indiana
  41. Overrun by Zombies? Not on My Watch – Duxford, Illinois
  42. Do Letters Ever Arrive in the Zombie Apocalypse? - Versailles, Missouri
  43. Zombies and a Child Killer at the Tampa Zoo Part 7 - Tampa. Florida
  44. Zombies Make Good Guys Into Bad Guys - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  45. The Zombie Apocalypse from the Eyes of a Child - Nashville, Tennessee
  46. Secret Zombie Research Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush, Aircraft Carrier, off the East Coast
  47. Quinton’s First Zombie - Boston, Massachusetts
  48. Another Win for the Zombies - Katie’s Landing, Florida 
  49. A Lone Survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  50. Escaping Zombies at the Old Folks Home Part 2 - Fairview, Oklahoma
  51. Zombies and a Serial Killer at the Zoo Part 6 - Tampa, Florida
  52. Fighting Zombies House to House – Boston, Massachusetts
  53. Zombies About to Overrun a Group of Survivors – Estes Park, Colorado
  54. Face to Face with a Zombie – Marysville, Ohio 
  55. The Zombie Apocalypse and My Dog – Ankeny, Iowa
  56. Zombies at the Border – The United States/Mexico Border, California
  57. Zombies Aren’t the Only Monstrosities Part 5 – Tampa, Florida
  58. I Refuse to Be a Zombie – Dallas, Texas
  59. Two Months After the Zombie Outbreak Part 3 – Pawling, New York
  60. Always Running from the Zombies – Phoenix, Arizona
  61. Another Zombie Apocalypse Orphan – Whitesboro, Texas
  62. Two Months After the Zombie Outbreak Part 2 – Putnam Valley, New York
  63. Maybe It Would Be Better to Be a Zombie – Harrison, Arkansas
  64. Two Months After the Zombie Outbreak Part 1 – Putnam Valley, New York
  65. American Tourists Stuck in Europe with the Zombies – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  66. Zombies Got My Best Friend at the Bangor Airport – Bangor, Maine
  67. Brian’s Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse – Chicago, Illinois
  68. Blood and Zombies, Oh My … – San Francisco, California
  69. Coke Dealers Still Working in the Zombie Apocalypse – Los Angeles, California
  70. The Zombies Took my Wife – Dillon, Texas
  71. The Zombies Chronicles Part 4 – Tampa, Florida
  72. The Zombie Apocalypse and Hypertension – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  73. Zombie Eating a Baby, Horrifying!! – Chicago, Illinois
  74. My Dad the Zombie – Oklahoma, United States
  75. Stuck in the Hospital with Zombies – Villaire Point, Louisiana
  76. Protecting my Daughter from the Zombies – Corona Del Mar, California
  77. Leaving the Zombies Behind – Oklahoma, United States
  78. Zombie Apocalypse?? Am I the Only One Left?? – Tulsa, Oklahoma
  79. Zombie Attacks a Child in a Store – Atlanta, Georgia
  80. Cassie and Taryn Escaping Zombies!! – Northern Wisconsin
  81. Oil Drilling Halted by Zombies – Odessa, Texas
  82. Hiding Out From Zombies in a Filthy Trailer Home – Sandpoint, Idaho
  83. Coping with the Zombie Apocalypse – Chicago, Illinois
  84. Zombies Take a Mother’s Only Daughter – Crossett, Arkansas *very sad story*
  85. Zombies Ruined Our Little League Game – Sandpoint, Idaho
  86. I’m Eating Rats Because of the Damned Zombies – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  87. The Zombie Chronicles Part 3 – Tampa, Florida
  88. Press Conference From The Surgeon General Of The United States
  89. Deputy Zombies Gets Barbecued – Crossett, Arkansas
  90. Zombies Took Over Manhattan – New York City, New York
  91. In Jail with Zombies Part 1 – Clark County Detention Center – Las Vegas, Nevada
  92. Are They Zombie Attacks or Just Animal Attacks? – Las Vegas, Nevada
  93. This is No Zombie Movie – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  94. How Did Zombies End Up Way Out Here? – Nova Scotia, Canada
  95. Another Night of Zombie Watch – Lakeland, Florida
  96. The Zombie Chronicles Part 2 – Tampa, Florida
  97. Zombie Massacre at the Tappan Zee – Putnam, New York
  98. Zombies?? Are You Kidding Me?? – Henderson, Nevada
  99. Getting Serious About Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  100. The Zombie Papers – St. Louis, Missouri
  101. Frank’s Journal, Three Weeks After the Zombie Outbreak – Willsburg, Michigan
  102. The Zombies Take Modesto – Modesto, California
  103. Zombie Behaviour Analysis, What We Have Observed – South Carolina
  104. Zombies in Motor City, Bailout Please? -Detroit, Michigan
  105. The Zombie Chronicles Part 1 – Tampa, Florida
  106. When Zombies Attack, The Voice on the Radio Part 3 – South Carolina
  107. Hoping My Little Girl Didn’t Become a Zombie – Tiffin, Iowa
  108. When Zombies Attack, The Voice on the Radio Part 2 – South Carolina
  109. Zombies Never Give Up, But People Do – Crossett, Arkansas
  110. When Zombies Attack, The Voice on the Radio Part 1 – South Carolina
  111. Laila’s Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse – New York City, New York
  112. Zombies Only Happen in the Movies, Right?? – Cardiff, Wales
  113. Sara’s Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse Part 2 – Location Unknown, United States
  114. Zombies Attack During Supply Run – Crossett, Arkansas
  115. Zombies Attack the Fairview Hospice Part 1 – Fairview, Oklahoma
  116. Zombie Pandemic Spreads Outside the City – New York City, New York
  117. Zombie Killing 101 – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  118. James and the Zombie Apocalypse Part 2- Northville, Michigan
  119. Zombies and The Port of Charleston Ablaze – Port of Charleston, South Carolina
  120. Zombie Outbreak Strikes Small Town of Wooster – Wooster, Ohio
  121. Jenny’s Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse – London, England
  122. Zombie Reports Increase, More Bodies Found – Las Vegas, Nevada
  123. More Zombie Attacks in Las Vegas? – Las Vegas, Nevada
  124. Zombie Attacks Cause Evacuation of Entire Town – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 
  125. Zombie Attacks Increase in New York (Newspaper Article) – New York City, New York
  126. So-Called Zombie Attacks Continue in New York (Newspaper Article) – New York City, New York
  127. Animated Corpse Seen in Las Vegas (Newspaper Article)_- Las Vegas, Nevada
  128. Zombies Encounted at the Nature Preserve – Bull Island, South Carolina
  129. Zombie Cannibal Attacks Turn Deadly (Newspaper Article) – New York City, New York
  130. James First Zombie Encounter Part 1 – Northville, Michigan
  131. Kaleb’s First Zombie Encounter – Phoenix, Arizona